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Government of Dominica retains Dillon to Develop a National Physical Development Plan

The Government of Dominica previously retained Dillon Consulting to develop a national land use policy and recently approved the development of a national physical development plan (NPDP) based on the policy. The Commonwealth of Dominica is a small island state in the eastern Caribbean. This is a landmark achievement for planning in Dominica and the eastern Caribbean, as very few countries have guiding land use policies in place.

Dominica faces competing land use pressures on its natural resources from agriculture, tourism, settlement and infrastructure, as well as climate change impacts. The project is being completed in collaboration with local Dominican professionals, as well as partners in the Caribbean region and in Canada. The project’s participatory and inclusive approach is intended to provide a coherent policy and framework to direct spatial development for economic and social development investments and to protect Dominica’s unique identity as the “nature island of the Caribbean.”  Emphasis of the project is on enhancing development controls to protect agricultural land and to prevent development in areas prone to natural hazards, integrated watershed and coastal zone management and climate change adaptation. Rory Baksh led Dillon’s efforts in developing the policy and will now focus on the subsequent NPDP.

Rory is a planner with experience in planning and consultation for both public and private sector clients, ranging from small site-specific studies to multi-million dollar redevelopment strategies. He has worked extensively throughout Canada and internationally. 


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