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Saint John Waterfront Development retains Dillon and Baird to Develop the Feasibility Study for the Partridge Island Breakwater

Saint John Waterfront Development retained Dillon Consulting Limited and W.F. Baird & Associates Coastal Engineers Ltd. to perform a feasibility study for the potential repair of the breakwater connecting Negro Point and Partridge Island to the mainland. The study will also consider establishing a “service” corridor for vehicles and pedestrian access, as well as estimating annual operating and maintenance costs for public access to the island.

The multidiscipline project team will thoroughly investigate the existing breakwater and develop a plan of options for its use moving forward. The team includes industry experts who specialize in the design of marine structures, dredging, coastal structures, environmental regulations and permitting, municipal design of roadways, landscape architecture and transportation planning.

ACOAPartridgeIsland02An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) will be used to collect 3-D survey data and photography of the breakwater and its surroundings. The UAV will be launched on several flights from both the mainland and Partridge Island terminations of the breakwater at both low and high tides.

"Flying a drone over the breakwater will aide in the development of the 3-D analysis," said Darcy Harris, partner at Dillon and project manager. "Once we have the physical background for the model, we will run scenarios to understand wave analysis, what types of forces are going to be acting on the breakwater and how high the wave heights could potentially be.”

A hydrographic survey of the breakwater structure was previously completed in partnership with the Saint John Port Authority. That survey covered areas to the east and west of the structure to provide high resolution data for subsequent wave modelling activities. It also provided a greater understanding of the existing bathymetric features in the Partridge Island region.

“If the study comes up with a feasible option, the next step would be working with the three levels of government to secure funding for the design phase and construction,” said Harris.

The feasibility study is scheduled to be completed by the end of July 2015.

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