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Jacqueline Huard Presented at River Restoration Northwest Symposium

Jacqueline Huard presented at the 14th Annual River Restoration Northwest Symposium in Stevenson, Washington. The symposium focused on a multidisciplinary approach to stream restoration and related watershed and river sciences. 

Jacqueline’s presentation, “Effects of Spring-flood Pulse on the Composition of Juvenile Salmonids in an Off-channel Habitat of the Fraser River at Hope, British Columbia,” identified trends in the species composition and overwintering survival of salmonids from 2008 to 2014. To read the full abstract, click here.

Jacqueline is a biologist-in-training with experience in natural resource management. Her areas of expertise include stream assessments, species at risk surveys, aquatic biophsyical inventories and British Columbia biogeoclimatic ecosystem classifications.



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