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Toronto Port Lands highlighted at CIP conference

Dillon’s Ann Joyner, along with staff from the City of Toronto, Toronto Region and Conservation Authority and Waterfront Toronto, presented Water as a Resource at the Canadian Institute of Planners conference in Quebec City, July 5th-8th, 2016. The presentation highlights how three levels of government, along with strong consultation, can redefine and redevelop areas of a downtown waterfront after decades of neglect.

Toronto Port Lands has evolved over time from a marsh and river, to an industrial precinct and working port, to what will become an evolution of public space with distinct water edges on a new island community. This project focuses on a renaturalization of the Don River to improve water flow, reduce flooding, improve aquatic / terrestrial habitat, and an integrated plan to redevelop the lands. The Port Lands project includes 45ha of green space, 4km of water edge promenade, 3km of active shipping dock wall, 15km of connected streets, 10k-15k housing units and 25k-30k long term jobs, creating a new city on the lake.
Water Resource presentation

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