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Rob Willis Presented at the 42nd Annual Canadian Ecotoxicity Workshop

Rob Willis presented at the 42nd Annual Canadian Ecotoxicity Workshop in Saskatoon, SK. The presentation focused on his ongoing work as Nalcor Energy’s subject matter expert for the Lower Churchill Hydroelectric Generation Project where he's focused on the Baseline Human Health Risk Assessment (HHRA) Program. The presentation delivered in the "Industrial Development: Implications for Aboriginal Communities" session, detailed methods and outcomes of dietary surveys and human biomonitoring events including hair sampling and analysis for total mercury and methyl mercury. The surveys and hair mercury data provided key information for the HHRA that will be conducted in 2016, and focus on methyl mercury exposures and potential human health risks that may occur due to consumption of fish and other country foods.

Rob is an associate and toxicologist/risk assessor at Dillon with over 20 years of experience. His experience spans human health and ecological (terrestrial and aquatic) risk assessment, toxicity-based benchmarks development, chemicals management and priority setting, occupational toxicology, environmental chemistry, and various other aspects of applied toxicology.

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