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Mark Butler Honoured with 2015 George Warren Fuller Award

Mark Butler has been honoured with the 2015 George Warren Fuller Award. The award is presented annually to a member of Atlantic Canada Water Works Association (ACWWA) on behalf of the American Water Works Association (AWWA) for “distinguished service to the water supply field  in commemoration of the sound engineering skill...the brilliant diplomatic talent...and the constructive leadership which characterized the life of George Warren Fuller.”

Mark is a partner and design engineer with over 18 years of experience in water treatment, wastewater treatment, hydraulic modelling and municipal infrastructure design and construction. Mark has worked on several water intakes, sewage outfalls and water storage reservoirs and is experienced in evaluating all aspects of the design process including, plant siting, treatment process selection, equipment selection, facility layout, chemical feed systems, operations and management (O&M) considerations and commissioning.


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