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NB Power Releases Mactaquac Generating Station Social Impact Comparative Review

NB Power is in the initial stages of developing and evaluating options to address the redevelopment of the Mactaquac Generating Station. The 670 megawatt run-of-the-river hydro generating station is located on the St. John River in Mactaquac, New Brunswick, approximately 19 km west of Fredericton. Originally commissioned in 1968 with three turbine-generating units, the station is the largest hydroelectric dam in the province providing renewable electricity that is distributed and sold by NB Power. Three options are being evaluated including refurbishing the station, retaining the head pond, or removing the station and restoring the river to a free-flowing state.

The social impact comparative review completed by Dillon is a high-level overview of key social impacts associated with three proposed options. The discussion paper will be used to facilitate dialogue with New Brunswick residents and to feed into a subsequent public engagement process.

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