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Ottawa-Carleton Universities Society of Economic Geologists Student Chapter Field Trip

Mike Power and Andy Blackmer hosted the Ottawa-Carleton Universities Society of Economic Geologists (OCUSEG) Student Chapter field trip to the Dillon Halifax office on Friday, August 28th. The community and academic outreach offered an extracurricular for students to learn how geosciences play an important role in resource development.

Students were introduced to environmental geoscience and field methods used at Dillon along with a talk on the "Unconventional Oil and Gas Development - Onshore Nova Scotia" after which students completed an exercise judging various land uses based on hydrogeological land features. Students also learned about water monitoring well installation.

Mike Power is a geoscientist-in-training with over three years experience in environmental assessments, mineral exploration and oil and gas development projects. He is past President of the OCUSEG Student Chapter and has led field trips in Arizona in Nova Scotia to promote responsible resource exploration and development.

Andy Blackmer is a partner and professional geoscientist with over 30 years’ experience. He has been directly involved in the onshore oil and gas industry in the Maritimes for the past eight years. He has spoken on a number of occasions on topics relating to horizontal drilling, hydrofracking and water management as well as some of the related risks and issues and how those are being mitigated as the oil and gas industry evolves.

OCUSEG is a student-run organization from both Ottawa-based universities with a goal of promoting economic geology and introduce students to the mineral exploration and mining industry.


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