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City of Surrey Celebrates 20 Years of the Salmon Habitat Restoration Program (SHaRP)

On July 17th, 2015 the City of Surrey celebrated 20 years of the Salmon Habitat Restoration Program (SHaRP). The SHaRP program provides community education for business and community members on salmon stewardship while employing local youth to enhance the City’s fish habitat. The primary goal of SHaRP is to mitigate urban impacts on streams through activities that provide on-the-ground solutions to habitat degradation, and through increased community awareness of fish presence, watershed stewardship and pollution prevention. Dillon has managed the annual program on behalf of the City since its inception.

Since the late 1970’s, the City has been a proactive voice in sustainable drainage practices as the Lower Mainland develops, by spearheading conversations and initiatives around low impact development policies, flood management strategies and climate change adaptation preparedness. The model, longevity and success of the SHaRP Program is unique to Canadian municipalities. The 2015 SHaRP team of 29 post-secondary and high school students will add to the unparalleled 20-year legacy of watershed enhancement and community stewardship with results accumulating each day the program is in operation.

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