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Greater Victoria Harbour Authority Selects Dillon Consulting for Ground Transportation Consultation and Mitigation Strategy at Ogden Point

Greater Victoria Harbour Authority (GVHA) has signed an agreement with Dillon Consulting to facilitate a community and stakeholder consultation process that will lead to the development of a short, medium and long-term ground transportation strategy for the Ogden Point Terminal. The aim of the study is to find ways to reduce neighbourhood traffic impacts and to enhance safety and efficiency of terminal users.  Ogden Point is a deep water port facility with four piers able to handle very large vessels. The facility generates significant economic benefits to the area serving as an active year-round transportation hub in addition to currently being the busiest cruise ship port-of-call in Canada. Ogden Point is also an important depot for undersea fibre optic cable repair and its heliport provides direct services to Vancouver Harbour and Vancouver International Airport.

GVHA's focused strategy is to modernize the bus fleet while reducing related noise and emissions while examining social, economic and environmental factors and identify timelines for improvements. The research and public consultation phase of the project will be completed during May and June 2015. GVHA aims to have an interim ground transportation strategy in place to improve operations for the 2016 cruise season, as well as long-term planning and policy-making to continue to improve operations over the next decade.

Jon Spalding and Dennis Kar will lead the project team.

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