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Dennis Kar and Stephanie Simard published in Ontario Planning Journal, May/June

Dennis Kar and Stephanie Simard have been published in the Ontario Planning Journal, May/June issue focusing on rural planning. Their article, “Addressing Rural Mobility Gaps, Coordinated Transportation Framework,” provides a summary of a recently developed resource guide called “Towards Coordinated Rural Transportation.” The guide was developed in an effort to share knowledge of effective coordinated transportation models and emerging innovation in rural transportation by the Rural Ontario Institute, the Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition and Dillon Consulting. Click here to read the guide in full.

Dennis is an associate and the technical service lead for transit planning and design at Dillon with over 15 years of experience in transit systems and community transportation. He has participated in a number of conventional and specialized transit master plans, business plans, community transportation studies and coordination strategies. 

Stephanie is a transportation planner at Dillon with over six years of experience in transit planning and network design, rural planning policy and secondary/growth planning.

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