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Eha Naylor and Alana Evers present at the 47th OALA Annual General Meeting and Conference in Guelph, ON

Eha Naylor and Alana Evers’ presentation on March 27, 2015 at the Ontario Association of Landscape Architects’ Annual General Meeting and Conference was aimed at starting a discussion on the potential for landscape architects to lead change, and to inspire next steps as leaders for a healthy planet.

The presentation, “Landscape Architects and The Future of Ecological Design,” looks at emerging trends in landscape architecture and the allied professions are examined, and what these trends mean for the the future of landscape architecture. As landscape architects, we know that environmental sustainability is critical and inherent to achieving a healthy planet, including human health. In a world that is evolving, or arguably devolving, at an increasingly fast pace, the question is this: What makes us leaders for a healthy planet?  What must we do now to position landscape architecture as a widely recognized profession, pivotal to solving critical global problems? Settling for a reactive response today will leave us in the dust of the innovators of tomorrow - it is only through a proactive approach that landscape architecture will realize its full potential. By definition, we are a professional community united by vision, stewardship, effective communication and innovation, with much to offer on a local, regional and global scales.

Eha is a partner and landscape architect with over 30 years of consulting experience reflecting a diversity of expertise in environmental planning and site design for both the public and private sectors which has earned her numerous professional awards of recognition. Specifically, she is a Fellow of the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects and has received the Ontario Association of Landscape Architects’ Pinnacle Award for Lifetime Achievement.

Alana Evers is a landscape architect with experience in urban design, streetscapes, waterfronts, community parks, active transportation, urban plazas, and naturalization/restoration planning. She designs with attention to sustainability, universal accessibility requirements and CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) principles at the forefront. 


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