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Dillon Consulting Limited awarded contract by the Federal Government to assess the risks of ship-sourced oil spills in Canadian waters

As part of the Canadian Federal Government’s World Class Tanker Safety System initiative, Dillon Consulting is pleased to have been selected by Transport Canada to develop a methodology and assess the risks of ship-sourced oil spills in Canadian waters.  Dillon will lead a team of world-renowned professionals with expertise in risk management and marine oil spill modelling and response with both international and risk assessment experience within Canadian waters. 

The team will develop a geographically focused and in-depth process that will be implemented in a systematic manner across the country that will allow Transport Canada to answer the following fundamental questions:

  • Where are the most vulnerable areas within Canadian waters in the event of a ship-sourced oil spill, taking into consideration existing spill preparedness and response activities, local geography, environmental sensitivities, and ship traffic volumes?
  • Are existing spill preparedness and response activities sufficient to reduce the inherent risks of a ship-sourced oil spill and if not, what additional measures are necessary?

Dillon was selected for this assignment due to our extensive history working on marine oil response planning and environmental protection, our expertise in risk management and our ability to deliver a multifaceted project in tight time lines. “This is a unique project for Transport Canada and one that allows them to adopt global best practices in both assessing the risk of accidents and incidents, and the effectiveness of planned mitigation measures to ensure safe transport,” said Malcolm Marston, Dillon’s project manager. “Our team is excited to be working on this assignment as we will be working in partnership with Transport Canada to develop a process that will be adopted across Canada and will help to ensure the safe transport of oil in our waters and further protecting the environment for years to come."

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