Organization and Structure

As with many things at Dillon, our organization structure breaks with the traditional model of the technical services industry. It is designed to specifically serve our clients well, providing the opportunity to blend client and industry knowledge with a focused project team drawn from our talent pool of over 750 individuals.

We are focused on five client sectors: government, industry, resources, real estate and international. All of our clients are aligned to one of these sectors. Each sector has a leader tasked with the responsibility to develop Dillon’s understanding of the unique requirements of clients within each. Each client we serve within those sectors has a client relationship manager. These individuals have the responsibility for developing long-term relationships with our key clients, for determining which services we can most appropriately provide, and for selecting project managers to lead each client assignment.

Project managers and their teams are drawn from our technical practice areas. The responsibility of our practice leaders is to ensure that Dillon has the appropriate skills required to serve the needs of our key clients.

To ensure that our client managers, project managers and technical specialists remain focused on project delivery, support functions are provided from a specialist group reporting to our director of corporate services. These services include finance, IT, quality assurance, human resources management and offices.

The overall leadership of the organization is provided through a chief executive officer, and a Board of Directors with responsibility for management oversight, major policies and strategic direction.