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The Canadian landscape is rich and diverse in opportunities for leisure activities. Second homes, lakeside and hillside resorts, ski areas and golf courses dot the landscape from coast, to coast to coast.

Dillon has the expertise and experience in the design and approval of new facilities in sensitive landscapes, master planning and development of ski resorts, lifestyle community design and development of recreation and property development under various forms of ownership.

The very features that make the Canadian landscape attractive for these forms of development also present the inherent challenge to achieving success - how to develop in a manner that protects the environmental integrity that made the area attractive in the first place. No small challenge, but one in which we have demonstrated, repeated success.

Services required are similar to those in more urban locations, but with a greater emphasis on environmental protection, and the need for greater creativity in site servicing solutions. Dillon provides approvals support for surface water quality, boating traffic, lake-carrying capacity, fish habitat, wastewater disposal, water supply, and aesthetics. We manage tricky property issues involving easements and private roads. 

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