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The growth of Canadian towns and cities includes the conversion of rural lands to urban uses. Residential, commercial and industrial lands created in the urban expansion process provide the needed space to accommodate economic growth.

Dillon serves the needs of those developments through expertise in all components of a development project, combined with in-depth local knowledge of “how things are done around here,” to help our real estate clients achieve success. 

Companies involved in the development aspect of real estate are a dominant force in the local and national economies, generating billions of dollars in economic activity annually. While the need for new urban land is driven fundamentally by population growth, global trade and the internal economy of Canada, satisfying that need is highly regulated by governments and agencies. While technical soundness of a project is a requirement, issues affecting approvability are often emotional and value-based, and are sometimes based on fundamentally different views on how Canadians should live. It is not unusual for the process to take years, particularly if land is taken from a rural to urban designation. Dozens of agencies are subject to input and challenges from individuals and “public interest” groups throughout the process.

We take property owners through the entire process from initial market analysis to completed community, commercial project or industrial facility. It is a process that allows clients to navigate challenges quickly and efficiently.

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