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Manufacturing and processing includes a wide range of industries such as automotive, food and beverage, chemical, metals and fabrication. Dillon has in-depth knowledge of the unique attributes of each providing services such as building envelope design, municipal development approvals and site servicing delivering many significant and innovative projects.

Producing more with less has been the long-term trend and capital investment. Regulatory involvement related to environmental performance and worker health and safety show no signs of weakening. The continued need for capital investment and environmental management programs appears assured as clients focus more on their core business. The managerial methods by which they do this are becoming increasingly sophisticated, ranging from the preferred supplier programs of the auto sector, to turnkey or design-build solutions for plants and facilities.

Dillon is regularly involved in these decisions and designs as we coordinate environmental management and permitting/approvals, with an understanding of the unique characteristics of the manufacturing systems or processes for the design of pollution prevention and energy management opportunities, waste management solutions and in regulatory approvals. 

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