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Traditional service provides are a major component of the Canadian economy, providing debt and equity financing for capital projects and underlying insurance instruments that form part of the risk management programs of public and private organizations. The relationship of the technical consultant with the insurance, legal, and financial services industries is one of technical risk advisor over a wide range of activities.

We are involved in alternative service delivery projects that have financial services companies as major players. But the role goes much farther with the concept of the “owner’s engineer” which is extending towards each major partner in large capital projects retaining its own independent expert. Dillon has extensive experience in all aspects of capital project development and has responded to these trends with service offerings customized to the particular needs of financial partners.

Dillon works with the insurance, legal and financial services’ sectors to bring technical depth to complex risk management issues including environmental contamination, disaster recovery, due diligence, climate change resiliency and adaptation. These industries continue to extend their scope into areas such as environmental liability risk management, business continuity and disaster management.

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