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New models of project delivery have emerged recently to address owner demands for greater price certainty in project delivery, to tap into private sources of financing and to access private-sector specialized expertise in operations of facilities and services. 

Alternative service delivery models extend the traditional design-bid-build model to design-build and public-private partnership models. Under these delivery models, the traditional arms-length relationship between project design and project constructor changes significantly. Transportation, water and wastewater, health, security, power generation, waste management, recreation and judicial facilities are now being delivered under these new models, both for project development and operations.

Alternative service delivery models see the designer being fully integrated into the project delivery team, and engaged by the constructor or developer. The different priorities require different project management capabilities to ensure successful project complete. At Dillon, we learned early how to adapt to these priorities, being one of the first to be involved in a major capital project delivered under an alternative delivery model (Highway 407 near Toronto).

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