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The environmental services industry is increasingly being called upon to deliver technical and management solutions to environmental problems such as waste management, water supply and air quality. These issues and other aspects of environmental pollution and management are affecting all of us. 

The initial stage of adaptation to changing needs by both public and private sector organizations is to develop in-house resources to deal with both technical and regulatory aspects for environmental management. The increasing complexity of the business has resulted in greater reliance on private sector partners for program management and design and the delivery of specific environmental services such as municipal waste management. Today, the business is truly a partnership, with both public and private “owners” of environmental liabilities turning to private sector environmental service organizations to provide that service to their organization.

Dillon understands the issues facing the Canadian environmental services industry. We provide technical and managerial solutions with a full understanding of the importance of effective environmental management to the success of clients. We work closely with environmental service providers to bring this understanding to bear in the design and delivery of appropriate solutions.

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