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Health, education and other social services are most often delivered to end-users through institutions. Semi-autonomous from senior governments, they are a significant factor in our daily lives.

While most often managed by arms-length boards or agencies, they are clearly primary instruments in the delivery of federal, provincial and municipal policies and programs. While our institutions are physically prominent and familiar in our communities, the complex funding and managerial relationships that exist behind these facilities is not well understood.

The distinction between facility management and service delivery is increasingly evident. The owner/manager of the building is often quite separate from the organization delivering the service. This has led to the use of public-private partnerships, outsourcing and joint-use facility arrangements. Dillon is adept in the range of facility development and management models – from direct service delivery to school boards, universities, colleges and hospitals, to key players in public-private partnership arrangements. We have a deep understanding of planning, design, implementation and ongoing management of major capital projects.

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