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The Federal government is the lead level of government for services such as national defence, coast guard, federally-controlled airports and harbours, postal services and other public services. With these services come facilities, property and infrastructure that require planning, management, design and maintenance, as well as upgrading within the increasingly important context of sustainable development.

The growth of this area is related directly to the fiscal health of the Federal government who continue to gear their expertise and resources to the problem of how to manage more with less. To do that the government has to focus increasingly on progressive planning, management and design in areas such as the environment (environmental management systems and contamination), energy (efficiency, greenhouse gas reductions) and infrastructure (real property, buildings and in-the-ground assets).

Dillon has been providing services to various federal government departments for decades. Over the past 70 years our work has included Department of National Defence, Transport Canada, Public Works and Government Services, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, and Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada. We translate our deep knowledge of client needs into rational and effective consulting approaches geared specifically to achieving the business goals of our clients.

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